Peter Hardie

Raised in Brisbane, well-traveled and published photographer Peter Hardie sees the world from a different angle. Up high, down low, crouching, on a roof, through a tunnel – anything but the normal, everyday perspective of everyday life around us in Brisbane.

A draftsman’s eye with a sharp, witty, lateral mind, Peter is attracted to the ever-changing natural light source, which we have in abundance in Queensland. From Brisbane’s deep blue skies and breathtaking city sunsets, from moonlit nights to lightning-filled storms, Queensland’s unique natural phenomena all form the backdrop for Peter’s photographs.

Deep colours and prominent contrasts allow Peter to ‘paint’ with the light photographically.
In particular, it is the unexpected that spurs Peter on with his photography: “There is always something in Queensland’s unique outdoors to photograph – I just don’t know what it will be until I get out there”.

With digital photography in particular, Peter feels he has unlimited and unbounded scope for photographic experimentation and creativity. Like the vast Queensland sky he often uses as his backdrop….there are no limits.