Leigh Camilleri

Leigh Camilleri was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1959 and after traveling in South-east Asia has settled in the Redlands district. She started a Diploma of Graphic Design in 1977 and deferred and worked in the design industry then later graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design in 1989 (Illustration) from the Queensland College of Art. She later studied at the Queensland Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (textile, sculpture) and then a Master of Fine Arts in 1996.

Her work was included in 2007 Grafton Regional Gallery postcard show
Queensland Cancer Fundraiser – curator Ian Smith (2007),
Ergon Art Prize – works on paper – Finalist 2006, Redland Acquisitive Art Prize, Cleveland, 2006 Finalist, 20th Anniversary Show Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane, 2006, Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award Finalist 2006,
The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, Adelaide – Finalist 2006.
Awards include not only design awards but a Highly Commended in 2002 Border Art Prize, and a Commended in the 2000 Brisbane Institute of Art Exhibition – Matt Foley Art Prize – Painting.
The artist’s first regional solo exhibition was held in Redlands 2004, entitled-Territories, boundaries and people at the Redland Regional Art Gallery. She is represented by Red Hill Gallery (Brisbane), Emporium Gallery (Brisbane), Blkmrkt Gallery (Gold Coast), Botanix Gallery (Wellington Point).
Camilleri’s work is represented in collections throughout Australia including the Redland Shire Council Collection – 2004. Mirvac Collection – 2003.
Warner Bros. Movies – 2007 Base Architecture and Design – 2005. Her work is also represented in many private collections in Australia and Internationally.

During the past couple of years Leigh has been focusing on landscape and figure in the landscape. This has driven her to work in many media. Research and developments in the works have been driven by Residencies in New York (Oatka Glass School), Portland Oregon (Manzanita Beach Artists Collective), Adelaide, Northern NSW and also Redcliffe High (Red Studio 12 month residency). These residencies focussed primarily on landscape. Leigh has also recently been collected by the Kedumba drawing prize and The Redland City Gallery. June 2014 brings a new challenge for this award-winning artist of exhibiting in Hahndorf Academy in the Adelaide Hills.

In Leigh’s own words:
“Drawing is an everyday thing and the act of drawing creates a bridge between the beginning and something beyond.
Observation has always been the underpinning of any work I have produced. Process-based experimentation is my method of investigation while describing the space. Interrelationships of materials and compositional elements on the picture plane are fundamental as is finding ways to explore the figure whether by volume, material, relationship or scale. The act of drawing provokes the exchange of ideas and transitions as the image develops. The medium changes, the substrate changes, the inspiration changes, in essence the result changes.

The landscape in Australia is so much part of the individuals’ psyche that being an artist, it is impossible to avoid the urge to respond. In describing an often harshly seen landscape I observe not only the vastness but also the microscopic and the beauty of the light, textures, colours, spaces.

In summary my work has a direct relationship with my life and surroundings. The work becomes a record, of layers of time and memory that have occurred not only while the space is under observation but through history. The layers of time and investigation become worked into the surface, describing/concealing, creating/destroying as the process and work develops. The work is not photographic in any way but an expression of my memory and the slippages and the moments that occur through time”.