Ronzo aka Ron Weideman

Ronzo now living in Brisbane, Ron grew up in Detroit, Car city, Motown and in his first 20 years found himself surrounded by art, design and great music.

In 1971, Ronzo immersed himself in art, art history and design. In 1975 he graduated with a Design Degree from The College for Creative Studies. From there he joined a renowned art & design studio where he honed his skills for another four years.

Ronzo was then invited to join the International Advertising network of Young & Rubicam and for the next twenty-five years focused his attention on the strategic building and management of major brands around the world.

Still, he never lost his passion or interest in studying watercolours , life drawing and oil painting. Happily, Ronzo left the Agency scene in 2005 and now likes to see where his painting can take him.

He quotes Salvador Dali, “To see is to invent”.
Ronzo prefers to work in oils, pastels and other mixed textures, he likes to set a colourful and contrasting mood for the viewer to feel a way into; acquires his inspiration from his family, friends and artists such as Tom Roberts, Dali, Eric Clapton, Helmut Newton, Brett Whiteley… and of course, as evidenced in his artworks: the surf and its riders, particularly in and around Queensland coasts and islands.

Ronzo has exhibited and sold works around the world, from Detroit and New York to across Europe and now throughout Australia.