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Samantha Matthews

Born in North Queensland, Sam’s love for the intense, bright colours of the topics is evident in all her work. Sam finds flowers irresistible…and she communicates a joyful intensity in all her floral watercolours.

Sam’s artistic talent was apparent from a very early age, and her gift was nurtured throughout childhood. Undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Townsville’s James Cook University, Sam focused her skills on Graphic Design and Illustration. In her final year she moved to Brisbane to begin her career as a Graphic Artist with a local television station, while finishing her studies externally.

After almost a decade in the TV industry she has rediscovered her passion for freestyle painting, with a strong focus on watercolours with ink, and acrylic paintings. “My paintings are bright and colourful, reflecting my environment, and experiences close to my heart developed over the past three years. This exhibition signifies a huge personal achievement”.

Sam’s warm humour was captured in the funky illustrations she produced for local TV personality Michelle Trutes’ cookbooks, but her most treasured pieces are hanging in private residences through commissioned private sales and heartfelt gifts. In 2002 she left a vary tangible mark on Brisbane City when she was invited to transform three Traffic Signal Boxes into works of art.

Sam has also found inspiration, and a mentor, in Gold Coast artist Metka Skrobar. “This lady’s way of painting is a great inspiration to me, and has greatly influenced my work, especially her non-traditional techniques, she opens the doors to exploration.”