Tony Grainger

Tony Grainger is an artist and designer working in Northern NSW, Australia . Self-taught, Tony picked up a paintbrush around 10 years ago. His style is loose and free, with large brush strokes and strong expressive mark making on canvas and board..anything he can lay his hands on really. From life drawings to still life’s, through to colourful contemporary abstracts, Tony’s work creatively breaks through unchartered waters. Perhaps this is because the other side to Tony’s life is as an exacting multihull yacht designer for sailing catamarans and trimarans. At his studio, it’s not unusal to see Tony’s large life drawings mapped out on hull plans!

Tony’s artistic eye observes and creates abstract beauty from his natural surroundings where he lives at Kingscliff. Tony is inspired by the beauty which can exist within dead pandanus leaves, or from the inner layers of bark after rain (eg his work After Glow). Tony’s work can be seen throughout Peppers Resort at Kingscliff; Conrad Jupiters Executive Lounges; Kawana Waters Hotel; and the Holiday Inn on the Gold Coast. His range of artistic endeavours extend to printmaking; sculpture (at the P&O Passenger Terminal Hamilton); drawing and photography. Moving Canvas is proud to represent a range of Tony’s talented portfolio in Brisbane and beyond, including large pieces 2m long ideal for corporate boardroom settings. Tony’s work makes you think and then discuss what you think you see….