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Purple Pepper Antiques

Art Deco Living

Interview with Karen Keating

Q. Hello, please introduce yourself and what your business is and where it’s located….

A. I am the owner of Art Deco Living, located within Commercial Road Antiques at 85 Commercial Road, Teneriffe.  I sell everything Art Deco (1920’s to 40’s). Jewellery, ceramics, glassware, small furniture pieces, mirrors, clothing, accessories and everything that evokes images of the roaring 20’s or the Great Gatsby can be found in my store


Q. Do you think contemporary art and antiques mix well together, ie. old and new? If so, why?

A. A few statement antique pieces in a modern interior adds focal points for the room.  The juxtaposition of old and new grabs the attention.  One of the best known Art Deco ceramicist, Clarice Cliff created abstract designs on many of her wares.  In her pieces you can get the best of both worlds


Q. Can someone put a modern painting with “olde worlde” furnishings for an interesting, creative look and feel in their house? Please explain.

A. Absolutely.  Select the right colour palette and size and each piece can work off each other and create an altogether more interesting yet still unified look.


Q. Can you please give us some specific examples of what particular pieces you would put with a large colourful abstract artwork?

A. I would keep my pieces simple.  A 1920’s streamlined chrome lamp upon a geometric side table with a strong linear design would go well.


Q. Do you have any favourite artworks or artists?

A. Tamara De Lempicka, Jack Vettriano and Banx.


Thank you so much for your time today, do you have a website where people can come and visit you?

Dry River by Banx - Installed
Art Deco Green Glass Statue
Purple Pepper Art Deco
Coastal Rim by Banx - Installed
Corporate ties 7 by Banx MC5983

The Poppy Interview (our very first)

We are so proud to introduce a brand new incredible talent to the world of art, Kaye’s incredibly Great Niece Poppy, who is three.  Poppy’s mum sent us this video, which we hope you enjoy…

…and so, in the tradition of cutting edge journalism, we went in search of Poppy to ask her a few questions about her art.


Q 1. What is your Name and age?

A. Poppy… three.


Q 2. Do you like art?

A. Yes.


Q 3. What is your favourite colour?

A. Pink.


Q 4. What do you like to paint most, and why?

A. Rainbows… they’re pretty.


Q 5. What is your favourite painting?

A. (My art) …on Nanny’s fridge (she points).


Keep your eyes open for Poppy in 20 year’s time.