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tash and connor

  Artwork Rental Price Purchase Price SKU
Opal Fire by Banx MC6637 Opal Fire SOLD

Out of stock

N/A $0.00 6637
Pirouette by Banx 1200x900mm MC6616 Pirouette SOLD

Out of stock

N/A $0.00 6616
New Wave by Banx 750x600mm MC6586 New Wave $27.00 +GST per month $990.00 6586
AAt the End of the Day by Banx 1500x1000mm MC6505 At the End of the Day $90.00 +GST per month $3,300.00 6505
Moffat Wave by Banx 1450x800mm MC6465 Moffat Wave $102.00 +GST per month $3,740.00 6465
Blue Sapphire by Banx 2150x1000mm MC6735 Blue Sapphire $147.00 +GST per month $5,390.00 6735
Summer by Banx 1500x500 MC6706 Summer $51.75 +GST per month $1,898.00 6706