Receiving new art into our gallery is exciting! This time, we thought we’d ask the artist what her inspiration for the piece is, so we asked Anne a few questions. These are her answers:


Q. What was your inspiration for your new artwork Sound Wave?

A. I love the ocean and the beach. I was at Moffat Beach watching the wild waves in wild weather and loved the movement and formation of the waves.


Q.How would you describe the colours you’ve used in this new work?

A. Although it was a grey cloudy day I took an artist’s license and decided to keep the shapes and change the colours to summer aquas that were uplifting.


Q. Do your works tend to follow a favourite theme?

A. I enjoy all colours and many themes from mostly the world around me and my immediate world of nature in Brisbane and coastal regions but I particularly love nature, water, the ocean and beaches. I enjoy painting in calm blues and aquas.


Q. What feeling do you want to give people who observe your work?

A. A feeling of being uplifted yet calm. Water is refreshing so wish to evoke that too in this artwork.


Q. What kind of process do you go through to create a new work?

A. Firstly it’s inspiration. When something resonates that’s the inspiration then the design process starts. If possible I take photos. I sketch the main idea onto a large canvas in a basic outline. I love focussing on colour so that’s my next decision and as I start painting I often let the painting take over as well as adding my own interpretations. Painting is also a thinking process of making decisions, so consideration is given to line, colour, texture, space and shape. Aspects of balance, perspective, simplicity and detail, rhythm, focus and harmony (or disharmony) are also given thought. Edges are painted carefully to finish the work. I then need to make a decision when the artwork is complete and not under or over – painted, before varnishing.


Q. Where would you envisage your painting hanging / who do you think would like it? Corporate? Homes?

A. Somewhere where people have a response of calmness or being uplifted plus also a connection to the subject. So, in a home, a beach residence or even in an uncluttered part of a business area eg Drs surgery.


Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your creative background as a Brissie artist …

A. I am now retired and can spend more time on my own art; however, previously I was an art teacher and Head of the Art Department at St John’s Anglican College for 16 years, working with secondary art students.  I taught Visual Art for approximately 30 years. I would learn from my students in many ways as much as they learnt from me. My knowledge, understanding and ventures into many media areas eg fibre art, sculpture, installations, photography, drawing and ceramics etc., have also affected my approaches to my paintings plus given me great insight and appreciation of other artists’ works. I enjoy experimenting and trying new ideas and styles.


Thank you,

Anne 😀👍