What our clients are saying about us…

Cannot recommend Moving Canvas highly enough. Their artwork helped transform our property for sale. Their art collection is marvellous – countless pieces available, including a huge range of local artists, which we loved. Immediate response to our inquiry, quick turnaround, impeccable service (with a smile!). Thank you, Moving Canvas.

Amanda Mahony

Thank you Amanda, for taking the time to write a great review, it was a real pleasure.

Moving Canvas

Highly recommend Kaye and Mike at Moving Canvas. My wife and I recently put a townhouse on the market and decided to improve the look by styling the interior. We have never tried this before and were unsure how to go about it until we approached Moving Canvas. Kaye and Mike were extremely professional and were open to all suggestions from us. Their artwork totally transformed the townhouse. We couldn’t believe what a difference it made. The townhouse sold after the first inspection at a record price for the complex. We, along with the real estate agent, believe the stying provided by Moving Canvas was a major factor in making the sale so quickly. Highly recommended.

Peter Hardie

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a great review, so much appreciated. We are delighted with your quick sale and glad you achieved the price you wanted. Thank you for your interest in the styling and working in with us so well. We made a good team.

Moving Canvas

Recently we were organising to put our house on the market and needed to style it to a high specification. I contacted Moving Canvas as we were looking for high quality art to bring colour and life to some otherwise plain and boring walls. Kaye and Mike are an amazing team who know their artwork inside out. Kaye knew exactly the right pieces to choose for each room in our home and Mike was there to hang them for us in super quick time so that we could get on with the job of marketing our home immediately. Our real estate agent and the various parties who came through the house commented on how fabulous the art was, and I’m sure it helped us achieve the great sale price we received. Thank you Kaye and Mike for being so helpful, friendly and efficient with your service and for your beautiful art!

Christine Macdonald

Our pleasure. We’re thrilled you got a good offer, you have a beautiful home, and thank you so much for your great review! So appreciated.

Moving Canvas

We recently rented 2 pieces of Art Work from Kaye & Mike. Kaye was unbelievably prompt to reply to my request and even offered to help me choose the Art! We had the pieces in our home having been delivered & mounted by Mike within 3 hours. We are now ready to have our house photographed for sale. The art has made the areas much more colourful and aesthetically improved. Overall we found their range and service to be excellent.

Marge Collins

Thank you so much for your absolutely wonderful review!!!! That has made our weekend! Very much appreciated!
So glad we were able to assist.

Moving Canvas

September 2018

A Matter of Time by Foster 1000x1000mm MC6404
Through Windows 1 and 2 by Banx 600x600mm MC6385 and 4

following a visit to our Exhibition at 307 Queen Street, Brisbane May 2017

What a change to walk around looking at such beautiful works of Art it was so peaceful and made me realise how Artists can take you away from this crazy world and into one where beauty still exists…

Marge Hardie


Hi Marge, Thank you.  It’s good to hear when someone loves escaping into art.

Moving Canvas

May 2017

“The artworks done by Moving Canvas have added a modern and fun atmosphere to the House Call Doctor office. Clients are regularly commenting on the canvases, which have added a contemporary, bright and colourful quality to our corporate surrounds.” – House Call Doctor

Georgia and Jess

Marketing, House Call Doctor

“Thank you very much Georgia and Jess, that’s wonderful! We really appreciate your loyalty and support of the arts in Queensland too. It’s a pleasure working with you.” – Moving Canvas 23.3.17

House Call Doctor

Virtual Reality by Banx MC6680

Village Pond by Banx MC6695 Installed 20.7.16 (5)

Village Pond by Banx MC6695

Carousel by Banx MC6695 Installed 20.7.16 (7)

Carousel by Banx MC6695

On Google

Fantastic service and so friendly too. Will definitely  be coming back  Thank you, we love our art 😀

Trish Fern

Home owner

Our client in Hong Kong selling her house in Sydney.

Thank you Kaye, the artwork really made a different to the look and feel of our home and I am sure this contributed to the quick sale of our property. I especially appreciated your efficient & hassle free service.

Thanks again.

Jo - in Hong Kong

Home owner

on Google

Fantastic fabulous service and amazing art work have visited their exhibitions and are of highest standard.

Fraser Goodman


Hi Kaye, Thank you for all your help.  It was a very painless process.

I have passed your invoice onto our accounts section so you should receive payment in the next couple of days.



Hi there it’s looking good – the paintings have been very popular and I’ve had some great feedback from the team.


The Team

Hi Mike and Kaye!

I wanted to let you know that your pieces have really impressed the people looking through our home. There was one couple very close to buying our home (at the last minute they decided to buy a penthouse!!) who fully intended to purchase the art with the house.

We are loving living with your art and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Jodi and Andre

Developers, St Lucia

Art does more than just hang around on walls!

Art stimulates the senses, introduces new ideas and encourages debate, it provokes and pacifies, it opens our eyes, it shows us what is possible and inspires us to try.

Art exercises the mind – it connects synapses, it is good for the heart and brings people together, it is good for the soul – by showing us a new perspective. In short; art is good for our health and has no harmful side effects.

Art on walls enhances and elevates your clients perception of your business or home, it has been shown that art on work place walls reduces stress in workers too. It encourages right brain activity, relaxes and invigorates with equal measure, improves staff moral and increases productivity.

Moving Canvas is proudly Australian and offers contemporary original artworks for sale or for lease by a wide range of Queensland artists: suitable for Corporate or private collections, or for sprucing up your home for sale.

Art is an excellent investment.