The Poppy Interview (our very first)

We are so proud to introduce a brand new incredible talent to the world of art, Kaye’s incredibly Great Niece Poppy, who is three.  Poppy’s mum sent us this video, which we hope you enjoy…

…and so, in the tradition of cutting edge journalism, we went in search of Poppy to ask her a few questions about her art.

Q 1. What is your Name and age?

A. Poppy… three.

Q 2. Do you like art?

A. Yes.

Q 3. What is your favourite colour?

A. Pink.

Q 4. What do you like to paint most, and why?

A. Rainbows… they’re pretty.

Q 5. What is your favourite painting?

A. (My art) …on Nanny’s fridge (she points).

Keep your eyes open for Poppy in 20 year’s time.