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Office Art Rentals and Sales

Established 2004

333 Ann Street, Brisbane – Installed


Office Art

Office Art Rentals and Sales

Established 2004

Imagine by Banx – Installed

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Art Rentals and Sales

Established 2004

Talented City by Banx – Installed

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Established 2004

Nude Siesta by Banx – Installed

Renting Art is an Excellent Option!

Moving Canvas Mobile Art Gallery offers a wide selection of original art on canvas by Queensland Artists (no glass-framed prints) from abstract to traditional, ready to hang, for sale or rent in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery offers Curatorial Art Consultancy to businesses and home owners where we come to you free of charge and without obligation, to arrange artwork on office or home walls for the best aesthetic effect.

We bring the art to you and install it for you, but if you like to see the art in person, our Art Gallery is located at 507 Stafford Road, Stafford and is just 8kms north of Brisbane CBD. The best parking with no restrictions is in Grice Street, just a minute walk to our gallery, which is in a former church on the north side of Stafford Road.

Art on office walls helps to elevate your client’s perception of your business (or home), thereby giving clients a good feeling about doing business with you, and they’ll probably tell others.

There are no long-term contracts. After the first agreed rental period (minimum of a month), the rental can be extended week by week, or as required. We offer on-going rental for the office, foyer and the boardroom, and short-term rental for residential property styling or home staging.

Art rental is especially relevant to Residential Stylists, Home Staging, Interior Decorators and Architects, and is a great resource for film Set Designers, Art Directors and TV Production Companies. Art elegantly completes corporate fit-outs, interior design or refurbishments, and improves the selling potential of your home when it comes time to sell.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery also supplies and Project Manages printing, framing and installation services for Hospitality Art for hotels, apartment blocks, cruise ships and offices etc., for guest rooms, corridors and lobbies.

In addition, Moving Canvas Art Gallery specialises in high quality site-specific art commissions for businesses. The Company logo can be subtly incorporated into the art for a unique corporate image, for the foyer or boardroom. We respond professionally with two to three concept sketches and a quote, and deliver on time.

Gift certificates are available so that clients or friends may choose their own art. Art is an ideal gift for the corporate and private individual. Occasions such as welcoming your new CEO, thanking a great employee, a wedding gift, birthday, anniversary or special occasions.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery is proudly Australian.

Art does more than just hang around on walls!


It has been shown that art on Office walls reduces stress in workers, and encourages right brain activity through visual stimulation. Great art on walls improves staff moral and therefore, increases productivity. Consequently, office art is good for business and your shareholders.

Art relaxes and invigorates with equal measure.

Art stimulates the senses, and provokes and pacifies. It introduces new ideas and encourages debate, thus it opens our eyes to what is around us.  Art show us what is possible and inspires us to try.

Art exercises the mind by connecting synapses. It brings people together through lively debate. Art is good for the mind, heart and soul.

In short, art is good for our health and has no known harmful side-effects.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery - 507 Stafford Road, Stafford, Brisbane, Australia 4053

Location: Moving Canvas Art Gallery and Banx Studio. 507 Stafford Road, Stafford, Brisbane 4053, Queensland.

Parking: Grice Street, just one minute away with no restrictions.

Opening hours: We are happy to make an appointment to visit you at work or home. Or make an appointment to come and visit us. 

Delivery: We bring the art to you and install it for you with the minimum of disruption and often at no additional cost*

*Delivery charges apply for small orders (under $400) and outside Brisbane.

Installation: Installation is included.

Art is an excellent investment.

By renting or buying Australian art, you support Australian artists.