Art sells houses

There’s been much written about people needing art to sell houses. It has also been suggested that home owners and stylists use props like wrapping paper in a frame or cloth pinned over a blank stretched canvas. If this is the look you want for your home that’s fine, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  So be a show-off and put some great original art on the walls. Yes you can hang some ‘make-do’ art, as suggested by some blogs we’ve read, but isn’t it better to hang an original piece and portray a more opulent image?

And it needn’t cost a fortune to have originals on walls. Moving Canvas art rentals and sales in Brisbane offers gorgeous original art to impress the socks off prospective buyers, and our rental prices for home styling are very reasonable. If you show people you care about what your home looks like, it shows you’ve probably cared about other aspects of your home from design and aesthetics through to the more practical general maintenance.

Art on walls elevates perceptions. Elevated perceptions sell houses for elevated prices. If nothing else, prospective buyers will remember your house above others and tell others. It shows buyers what potential there is. Art on walls is a very real and tangible demonstration of quality.

A recent interview in Qweekend with British design Guru Laurance Llewelyn-Bowen of the TV series House Rules has thrown the gauntlet down by saying, “Banish the Beige” and we couldn’t agree more. Let’s get some colour back into life.

We deliver and professionally hang, and collect it at the end, making the whole process really easy for you.  If your time is short, simply text pix to us of the walls and we’ll happily bring a selection to you.

Let’s do a little philanthropy and support Aussie artists by renting or buying their art.